The development of didactic potential Cracow University of Technology in the field of modern construction

Project co-financed by the European Social Fund

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The Faculty of Civil Engineering is one of the largest faculties of Cracow University of Technology, and is also among the most prominent Polish faculties educating prospective civil engineers. Our Faculty offers 14 specializations, including Building and Engineering Structures, Road Engineering, Railroad Engineering, Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Bridges and Underground Structures, Technology and Management of Construction.

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As Poland joined the European Union in 2004, students and research workers were given new opportunities for academic exchanges, as well as studying in English at universities abroad. Today, students of Civil Engineering Faculty have both the knowledge of the technical subjects and a good command of English.

Studies in English, due to begin in the academic year 2010/2011, have been made possible by the project “Rozwój potencjału dydaktycznego Politechniki Krakowskiej w zakresie nowoczesnego budownictwa” (“The development of the didactic potential of Cracow University of Technology in the range of modern construction”). The Project is realized within the Human Capital Operation Programme 4.1.1. The proposed studies are co-financed by the European Union within the confines of the European Social Fund.
The project aims at educating future engineers, who will acquire professional knowledge in the subject matter of building and construction, by means of advanced technical English, essential on the modern open labour market.

    We offer the following types of studies:
  • Engineering studies (undergraduate, equivalent to BSc, called the 1st level studies in Poland) – completed by obtaining a diploma and being awarded a BSc degree.
  • Master’s degree studies (graduate, leading to MSc, called the 2nd level studies) – completed by obtaining a diploma and being awarded a MSc degree.

Our studies are meant to be entirely free of charge, mainly because they are co-financed by the European Union.

The candidates wishing to study in English will register at the same time as the candidates for the studies in Polish, and they will be subject to the same qualification procedure. The recruitment criteria for Civil Engineering Studies are the same regardless of the language used to teach during the courses. However, the candidates for the studies in English will be required to prove an excellent command of English by submitting an appropriate language certificate. Exams like CAE, CPE; an A-grade or B-grade FCE, TOEFL, the International Secondary School certificate or graduating from the secondary school where subjects are taught in English, are adequate to meet our requirements.
The candidates accepted to study at our University, but unable to meet the criteria mentioned above, will write a language competence test, which will check their knowledge of English and prove their eligibility for the CUT studies in English.

It is worth mentioning, that graduating from the CUT (studies in English) will provide an opportunity for the building licence application, after certain legal requirements are fulfilled. After a two-year practical training period, the graduates will also have a chance to apply for the European Union engineer degree, which is honoured in all European Union countries.

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